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Am I required to personalize or modify the textbook before adoption?

Personalization is completely optional.  But, between you and me, since it doesn't change the price and modifying our content is so easy, we find the faculty that personalize to be our most satisfied customers.

Some personalization inspiration:

  • Re-order chapters to precisely match your syllabus (the book re-paginates automatically!)
  • Re-name chapters to match your syllabus.
  • Add your own local examples in sections or paragraphs.
  • Delete chapters or sections that you don't use.
  • Re-write any section, paragraph, or chapter down to the word (if you are so inclined!)
An example of a personalized version of our Sociology textbook:

Personalized Textbooksc- Flat World Knowledge

Remember, the original Flat World textbook (we also call it the "canon") always remains unchanged and intact.   Your adaptation or PERSONALIZED VERSION of the original Flat World textbook includes your changes and modifications - no one else's.  

Our Book Editor platform makes it easy for you to create it.

The Modify button on Flat World Knowledge catalog pages.

Note:  In some cases where significant content is added, the customized textbook might be classified as a two volume textbook. In those cases the pricing would shift into the two volume textbook pricing category.  That said, our pricing is still incredibly competitive.