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Analytics: Student Chapter Views

"Student Chapter Views" shows you how many times a student has viewed a particular chapter. You select each chapter from a drop down menu at the top of the screen to see the student metrics for that chapter. 

The information is presented from the most viewed to the least viewed.  It lists the student's name and the type of digital product they have purchased.  (AAP =  Digital All Access Pass;  SP = Study Pass)

The default view is All Chapters. Just select a specific chapter from the drop down to drill down.

In the example below we are looking only at Chapter 1. Brooke has viewed it 10 times compared to Joyce who has viewed it once.

User-added image
You can use this information and correlate it with class participation and grades to make informed decisions. Here are some things to consider as the course goes on:
  • Low views, low grades: Suggest reading more to the student? 
  • High views, low grades: What else does the student need to learn?
  • High views, high grades: Reinforce good behavior for the student?

It's important to note that, currently, we can only track usage of the online book. Therefore, students who purchase a Digital AAP or print book may be reading offline at times. So, their engagement metrics may not be 100% accurate. However, Study Pass students can only read online, so you are getting closer to 100% transparency with Study Pass users  (unless they purchase the color print book which gives them access to the online book, but only a tiny percentage of students do that). 

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