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What are Study Aids and how to I access them?

Study aids are an integral part of student learning.   Students that purchase access to a textbook in our online reader (ex. Study Pass) also have full access to the book's study aids.  Study aids will always include flash cards and many titles also include quizzes.

Flash Cards:

  • Display Definition First
  • Display Term First
  • Display Term & Definition Together
  • Shuffle – Click shuffle to be sure you are really learning the term not the order.
  • Check off those terms you have mastered to display only those you need to focus on learning.  (You can clear mastered terms to see them all at any time).
  • Take quizzes by Chapter and section.
  • Receive immediate feedback – what was right and what was wrong and why.
  • Take quizzes at your own pace and re-take as many times as you would like.
  • View Current results to get an overall picture of your progress for a particular section.
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Students with Study Pass, All Access Pass, or VIP Pass have access to the Study Aids available for their textbook.  To access -- login at Flat World using a supported Internet browser, click on "My Books," then click on the textbook title under "My Digital Purchases."  Once in the online reader, click the tab titled "Study Aids" near the bottom right corner of the page.

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