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The Business Ethics Workshop

James Brusseau
August 2011
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This textbook is intended for the Business Ethics course.

The Business Ethics Workshop by James Brusseau focuses on reality and engagement. Students respond to examples and contemporary cases that touch on their own anxieties, desires and aspirations, and this textbook drives that without sacrificing intellectual gravity. It incites student interest and gets to the core of ethical issues.

While many ethics textbooks are burdened with staid discussions of problems faced by IBM executives in the 1980s and similar, those examples may have nothing to do with your students experiences and interests. James, on the other hand, touches on:

> Tom’s Shoes, the social cause juggernaut

> Blogs written by young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry

> The DNA testing of baseball prospects to predict future performance

> The divergent career objectives of the rock band Nirvana’s members

> The Miami police officer working part time as a drug dealer

> The Bernie Madoff fraud

> Chippendales as a career choice

> Workplace ethics at youth trendsetter American Apparel

> An internet message board discussion of CD pirating, both the techniques and the ethics

> Eddy Lepp’s Rastafarian church and farm in California

> The College Board and the economics of the SATs

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James brusseau

James Brusseau Pace University

James Brusseau (Ph.D., Philosophy) has taught philosophy at the Mexican National University, California State University, and the Pennsylvania State University. He is author of Decadence of the French Nietzsche and Isolated Experiences: Gilles Deleuze and the Solitudes of Reversed Platonism. Currently, he teaches at Pace University near his home in New York City.
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