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Textbook Details

Cover of Fundamentals of Criminal Justice v3.0
Fundamentals of Criminal Justice v3.0
Steven E. Barkan and George J. Bryjak
December 2018
Sociology Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Fundamentals of Criminal Justice focuses on three concepts central to the success or failure of the criminal justice system, the controversies it raises, and its potential for addressing the nation's crime problem. First, how the criminal justice system is structured and how it works in reality (as opposed to how it functions ideally). Second, the role played by race and ethnicity in the operation of the criminal justice system. Finally, the capacity of the criminal justice system to control criminal behavior and reduce crime.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Crime and Justice in American Society

Chapter 2: Understanding and Measuring Crime

Chapter 3: Victims, Victimization, and Criminal Justice

Chapter 4: Criminal Law

Chapter 5: History and Organization of Police

Chapter 6: Understanding Police Work

Chapter 7: Issues in Policing

Chapter 8: Criminal Courts: History, Organization, and Principal Players

Chapter 9: Criminal Proceedings: From Arrest to Trial

Chapter 10: Sentencing

Chapter 11: Prisons and Punishment: Yesterday and Today

Chapter 12: Life Behind Bars

Chapter 13: Community Corrections

Chapter 14: Juvenile Justice

Chapter 15: Epilogue: The Future of Criminal Justice

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