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Cover of Entrepreneurship v2.0
October 2022
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Version 2.0
By Laura Portolese, Jaclyn Krause, and Julie R. Bonner

Key Features

  • Organized by typical steps in the entrepreneurial process:
    • Part 1: The Idea
    • Part 2: Planning
    • Part 3: Execution
    • Part 4: Growing and Sustaining Your Business
  • Written in a reader-friendly style that concisely covers all the necessary topics and does not bog down in details
  • Focus on small businesses and service industries
  • Technology focus highlights how technology can be used to better leverage innovation
  • Over 150 hyperlinks to videos and webpages enrich online courses, engage students, and reinforce or augment many of the presented topics
  • Supportive learning features in each chapter:
    • Chapter-opening cases present a business scenario that set the stage for the following chapter’s topics
    • “Learning Objectives” preview each main head section and help focus the reader’s attention
    • “What Would You Do?” poses challenging scenarios for resolution to prepare students to successfully address unexpected situations
    • “Leveraging” tips explain how to use outside resources to make business decisions
    • “Key Takeaways” at the end of every main head section summarize new information while it is fresh to encourage retention
    • “Interactive Activities” at the end of every main head section prompt deeper understanding and critical reflection
    • “Test Your Skills: Applied Case” with discussion questions at the end of every chapter present a situation for analysis to enhance students’ critical thinking skills
  • Answer guidelines for all exercises and activities included in the instructor’s manual
  • Customizable


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Entrepreneurship is suitable for courses called Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, or similar titles taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels in two- and four-year colleges and universities.  

Entrepreneurship provides accessible and practical content for students hoping to start their own businesses. It also provides learners with a strong basis for innovative thinking, which can be applied to any field or career they pursue. With a focus on service-oriented businesses, this text uses real-world examples, multimedia content, and thought-provoking callouts to engage students and make concepts relatable. The result is a realistic guide to starting up and growing a successful new business.

New in This Version

  • Updated research, enhanced examples, and additional critical thinking questions woven throughout
  • Every chapter ends with a new feature called “Test Your Skills: Applied Case” with discussion questions to enhance students’ critical thinking skills. These cases can be used to prompt class discussions or serve as homework assignments
  • Integrates the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including:
    • Introduction to how the COVID-19 pandemic affects entrepreneurs and small businesses (Section 1.4)
    • Marketing and the use of promotion in a post-COVID-19 economy (Section 4.3)
    • Enhanced discussion of vendor and supplier management as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (Section 9.3)
    • Opening case studies in Chapters 1, 8, and 12 reflect how these businesses operate in a post-COVID-19 economy
  • New video link on how to recognize an entrepreneur (Section 2.4)
  • Updated discussion of the idea generation process now includes systematic factors (Section 3.4)
  • Revised discussion of opportunity assessment plans (Section 3.5)
  • Revamped coverage and new examples of secondary and primary data information (Section 4.1)
  • Updated discussion of demographics (Section 4.2)
  • More detail on cash-flow metrics including Days Sales Outstanding, Days Payables Outstanding, and Days in Inventory (Sections 5.2 and 5.3)
  • Updated data and links for the Small Business Administration (Section 8.3)
  • New information about recruiting (Section 10.1)
  • Updated discussion of diversity and the use of inclusive language (Section 10.1)
  • New data on training and development and their benefits to employees (Section 10.2)
  • New section on managing remote workers (Section 10.4)
  • Revised and updated discussion of ethics (Section 12.2)
  • Appendix A now includes a template for “Steps to Launch Your Business,” a sample business model canvas, business plan template links, and self-assessments to help students determine their readiness to start a business
  • New Appendix B addresses social media marketing strategies and how best to take advantage of them
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Laura Portolese Central Washington University

Laura Portolese (Doctorate, Argosy University) is Professor of Information Technology and Administrative Management in the College of Education and Professional Studies at Central Washington University. Laura is the author or co-author of four books with FlatWorld (Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Human Relations, and The Art of Leadership and Supervision). Laura also holds an MBA from City University and a Doctorate of Business Administration from Argosy University. Laura is a prolific researcher, with publications focused in the areas of curriculum development and best practices in online learning. She has a Graduate Online Teacher Certificate from Central Washington University and a certificate from Oregon State University in E-learning Instructional Design and Development. Before beginning her academic career, Laura worked for several organizations in management and operations. She is also an entrepreneur who has performed consulting work for companies such as Microsoft.

Jaclyn Krause Central Washington University

Jaclyn Krause (PhD Walden School of Management) is Associate Professor Emeritus of Information Technology and Administrative Management at Central Washington University. Jackie earned her degree in applied management and decision systems. She possesses thirty-five years of comprehensive and progressive experience in information technology work such as network administration; application design and development including web-based applications; website development; information systems analysis, design, and architecture; and information technology project management. Jackie was an IT professional who has been embedded within business units, and she has supervised both faculty and help desk staff, has led project teams of system administrators, and has led multi-discipline, cross-functional project teams as a project manager.

Julie R. Bonner Central Washington University

Julie Bonner (Doctorate, University of Phoenix) is Associate Professor of Information Technology and Administration at Central Washington University. She earned her doctorate in management. She has consulted extensively for large clients in the aerospace, consumer products, and gaming industries providing services in accounting and information systems design.

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