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Cover of What’s Your Point? v2.0
May 2017
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What’s Your Point?

Version 2.0
By Suzanne Hudson and Molly LeClair

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Key Features

What's Your Point? contains Pedagogical Features:

Extend Beyond Exposition: Instead of asking students to “explain” something, the authors use the word “analyze,” defining analysis as more than breaking down a subject into its component parts.

State a Thesis, Support it Well:  Students trained in the art of formulating a thoughtful, accurate, and specific thesis will be prepared to meet the expectations of their college professors or their supervisors and colleagues after college.

Establish a Writing Process:  The text encourages students to proceed through the organizing principles of inventing, planning, drafting, revising, and editing.

Adapt to Changing Technology:  What’s Your Point? integrates digital media to show students how to access information using today’s technology. Instructors will find exercises and assignments for making use of online resources in a variety of disciplines and classroom settings.

Additional important features:

Proof Questions:  A unique “proof question” clarifies supporting points students need to make to prove their thesis. When students understand and apply this question, their ability to think and write in the more challenging modes of analysis and argument will improve.

Customizability:  What’s Your Point? is interactive. You can move around in the text; search for keywords; navigate concepts and chapters; add and view notes; and highlight, bookmark, and participate actively in the book. You can make it your own.



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This textbook is suitable for the following courses: Freshman composition, first-year composition, and upper-division composition courses. This text is suitable for 2-year and 4-year institutions.

In writing What’s Your Point?, Suzanne Hudson and Molly LeClair's aims were clear:

  • To improve upon traditional strategies and help students better express their own ideas through writing
  • To ensure your important ideas are understood and appreciated
  • To bridge established writing processes with new technologies and digital media
  • To build critical thinking skills and encourage students to ask, “What’s my point?” throughout the writing process

For more information on What’s Your Point?, visit the authors' website at

New in This Version

  • New Sample Focus Questions, particularly in the analysis, argument, and research chapters.
  • Several Concept Check examples have been updated.
  • Several professional essays have been added with new prereading questions and challenge questions.
  • The MLA section has been updated, based on the new MLA handbook.
  • Further, the APA and Chicago Manual of Style sections reflect formatting improvements.
Instructor’s Manual

Instructor’s Manual

The Instructor’s Manual guides you through the main concepts of each chapter and important elements such as learning objectives, key terms, and key takeaways. Can include answers to chapter exercises, group activity suggestions, and discussion questions.

Instructor’s Manual

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Suzanne Hudson University of Colorado Boulder

For twenty-five years, Suzanne Hudson taught literature and composition at several two- and four-year institutions in Colorado, primarily the University of Colorado in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric. Besides What’s Your Point?, Suzanne has written several composition textbooks—Writing about Theatre and Drama (2000 and 2006), Thinking and Writing in the Humanities with Molly LeClair (2004), and The Art of Writing about Art with Nancy Noonan (2002 and 2015). Suzanne is an active member and officer of the American Association of University Professors, an organization dedicated to the protection of academic freedom. Suzanne loves reading, writing, traveling, playing softball and tennis, hiking, and camping in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Molly LeClair University of Colorado Boulder

Molly LeClair has taught humanities, literature, creative writing, and composition for the past twenty years, most recently at the University of Colorado-Boulder in the Program for Writing and Rhetoric. In 2010, she received the PWR Teaching Award for Excellence and Innovation in Classroom Teaching. In addition to What’s Your Point?, Molly is author of the composition textbook Thinking and Writing in the Humanities with Suzanne Hudson (2004). Molly spends her time writing, reading, taking photographs, making videos, playing and listening to music, seeing films, hiking in the foothills of Colorado, and traveling at every opportunity in the off season.

Additions & Errata

  • Removed "Dead Parrot" video and preceding paragraph from Section 1.8. (1/3/20)
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