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College Success

Bruce Beiderwell, Linda F. Tse, Tom Lochhaas, and Nicholas B. deKanter
August 2010
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College Success

Bruce Beiderwell, Linda F. Tse, Tom Lochhaas & Nicholas B. deKanter

In writing College Success, Bruce Beiderwell, Linda F. Tse, Tom Lochhaas, and Nicholas B. deKanter’s goals were simple:

    • To prepare students prepared for a college education with the study and life skills they need to become successful students
    • To apply a new approach to college success for students who may struggle with traditional college textbooks
    • To ensure students are finding value in their learning and continuing their education.

    This textbook is suitable for these courses: Freshmen Orientation, Study Skills or Student Success courses

    This textbook is suitable for 2 and 4-year institutions.



      • The focus is on realistic, practical tools for the students who need them. This is a book designed, frankly, for students who may have difficulty with traditional college textbooks.


      • The style is direct and to the point. Information is presented concisely and as simply as possible. This is not a weighty tome that discusses student success—this is a manual for doing it.

      • In every chapter, students have the opportunity to explore their personal beliefs and values, make their own goals, and determine what success in college really means for them as individuals. Most important, students always see the value of what they are reading—and how they can begin to apply it immediately in their own lives.

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Bruce Beiderwell University of California - Los Angeles

Bruce Beiderwell (PHD UCLA) has served as Director of the UCLA Writing Programs since 2001. He regularly teaches developmental writing classes that serve students who arrive at the university without the preparation or skills they will need to succeed. This teaching role links him to broad efforts from across the campus, particularly the library and the College Learning Center. In this respect, he works with colleagues in English as a Second Language, Library Science, Athletics, and Counseling. In addition, Bruce’s role as a faculty mentor to student athletes in the University’s "Community of Learners" program connects directly to his work identifying, placing, and instructing at risk students. Bruce has also overseen and taught in UCLA's Transfer Intensive Program built upon the notion that the crucial part of a successful transfer is the ability to write. For his work with nontraditional students seeking admission (or re-admission) to the university through UC Extension courses he received a UCLA Teaching Award. While Bruce has spent most of his professional life as a writing teacher and administrator, his Ph.D. is in English literature and his first publications focused on nineteenth century fiction. His book, Power and Punishment in Scott's Novels was nominated for a McVities Prize. Bruce was also guest editor of a special edition of European Romantic Review that was devoted to essays on Walter Scott. In addition he is the co-author of the widely used literature anthology The Literary Experience (co-authored with Jeff Wheeler) published by Wadsworth Publishers Bruce's teaching interests along with his concern for undergraduate education have moved him outside this fairly narrow scholarly world. He has taught a wide range of literature and composition courses in the past 20 years--everything from courses on Faulkner to business writing workshops. He has been involved in administrative work (student placement, curriculum development). And he has consulted in the development of teaching materials for use in business settings.

Linda F. Tse Other / Unknown

Linda F. Tse (MS Minnesota State University, Mankato) has been an educator for over two decades, first as a high school English teacher in Hong Kong and currently at Minneapolis Community & Technical College. Since 1997, Linda has been working as a counselor on college campuses, initially at four-year comprehensive universities before finding her passion working with the student body at MCTC where 43% of the students are non-Caucasian and more than 80 different languages are spoken on campus. New immigrants for whom English is a second language, first generation college students, non-traditional students, single parents, and students living below the poverty line make up the majority of the College’s student population. Born to refugee parents in Hong Kong, Linda came to the U.S. on a student visa with the help of a scholarship. Her personal struggle together with her professional training has enabled her to relate readily to under-represented and under-served students who aspire to higher education in the face of adversity and disadvantage. In this regard, she provides academic, career, and personal counseling, while teaching classes in Career Development and Life Planning, and College Success Strategies. In addition to her academic responsibilities, Linda works professionally with dislocated workers and people with disabilities.

Tom Lochhaas Other / Unknown

Tom Lochhaas is a teacher, a writer, an editor and a consultant. He received his MFA in writing from the University of Arizona and is ABD in English at Washington University. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Tom has taught at the University of Arizona, Otterbein College, Washington University and at UCLA. His teaching focus has been on freshman course with an emphasis on reading, writing, and study and communication skills. Tom’s special interests are in working with unprepared students and recent immigrants. As a college instructor, Tom has always focused on what students actually need—not necessarily what professors might think they need—to succeed in their studies, regardless of the particular topic. In an academic world where many students do not read their textbooks at all, or have difficulty understanding them when they do, it is critical to be realistic about how today’s students learn and how best to reach them. “A weighty traditional tome might look like the best classic student success textbook to some instructors”, Tom says, “but such a text fails if students can’t or won’t read it. Students quickly become frustrated by reading materials not useful to them as students or appropriate for their needs.” His expertise in how to shape an effective textbook is part of what he brings to this authorship team As a professional college textbook editor and writer, Tom specializes in making textbooks accessible for students in many curriculum areas including communications, software and technical manuals, and public health information. In his work with public organizations such as the American Red Cross and the National Safety Council, he has brought an expertise in language and reading level to ensure a wide range of publications are appropriate for their intended audiences. He has written or ghost-written several dozen textbooks and other books.

Nicholas B. deKanter Other / Unknown

Nick deKanter (Tufts University) is an educational advocate, consultant and marketing professional. As Founder and President of the Vision 21 Education Group, he is working to support schools seeking to transform into 21st century learning environments that help students master core subjects and connect them to real world needs, think critically, communicate clearly, and practice collaboration and innovation.
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