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Textbook Details

Cover of The FlatWorld Handbook for Writers v2.0
The FlatWorld Handbook for Writers v2.0
Miles McCrimmon
August 2017
English Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Writing to Think and Writing to Learn

Chapter 2: Thinking through the Disciplines

Chapter 3: Joining the Conversation

Chapter 4: Becoming a Critical Reader

Chapter 5: Managing the Research Process

Chapter 6: Planning

Chapter 7: Drafting

Chapter 8: Revising

Chapter 9: Designing

Chapter 10: Publishing

Chapter 11: Academic Writing

Chapter 12: Professional Writing

Chapter 13: Writing on and for the Web

Chapter 14: Public and Personal Writing

Chapter 15: Sentence Building

Chapter 16: Sentence Style

Chapter 17: Word Choice

Chapter 18: Punctuation

Chapter 19: Mechanics

Chapter 20: Grammar

Appendix A: Appendix A: Writing for Nonnative English Speakers

Appendix B: Appendix B: A Guide to Research and Documentation

Appendix C: Appendix C: Sample Student Essays

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