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January 2019

The Power of Selling

Kimberly Richmond
January 2019
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552 (est)
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This textbook is suitable for the following courses: Marketing, Personal Selling, Sales, Selling, Salesmanship, Professional Selling.

Richmond’s goal in writing The Power of Selling was simple. The author wanted to make the selling process come alive for students in the classroom, to teach students how to apply the fundamentals of selling, how to sell themselves, and to get the job they want with the same process professional sales people learn for their own selling skills. This textbook uses the traditional selling tenets as its foundation and adapts the concepts to the rapidly changing world of business in today’s environment, including the use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, wikis, and other interactive ways of connecting with customers.

New in This Version:
  • Chapter dedicated to social selling (using social media to make connections and build relationships).
  • Selling U section focused on helping students leverage social media for their personal brand and internship and job search including short step-by-step “how to…” videos.
  • Social selling meets personal branding – LinkedIn semester-long project to give students a head start on their profile and network.
  • Updated real world stories, examples and videos featuring sales professionals to demonstrate key concepts in each chapter.
  • More role plays and interactive activities in each chapter to engage students inside and outside the classroom by practicing selling skills (for in person and online classes).
  • Sales Shark Tank - Capstone Team Sales Project including outline and framework for a sales proposal and sales presentation.

All Instructor Supplements will be available by February 15, 2019.

  • Real-world context that provides insights into how effective selling is actually accomplished.
  • Focus on core selling tenets.
  • Interactive demonstration of tools, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Video ‘Ride-Alongs,’ which feature seven different sales professionals.
  • Video Learning Segments are PowerPoint slides embedded with videos designed to supplement the course PowerPoints.
  • ‘Selling U sections’ that apply the concepts covered in the chapter to a student’s job search.
  • Customizable.
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgments
  • Welcome to The Power of Selling
  • Chapter 1: The Secret to Success in Life

  • 1.1 Get What You Want In Life . . . When You Master Selling
  • 1.2 Sales Drives The Company And The Economy
  • 1.3 Selling U: The Power Of Your Personal Brand
  • 1.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 2: Exploring Careers in Sales

  • 2.1 What Does It Take To Be A Great Salesperson?
  • 2.2 The Sales Landscape: Where You Put Your Selling Skills To Work
  • 2.3 Realizing Success In Sales
  • 2.4 Selling U: Résumé And Cover Letter Essentials
  • 2.5 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 3: Connections, Relationships, and Trust

  • 3.1 The Power Of Relationship Selling
  • 3.2 Putting Adaptive Selling To Work
  • 3.3 Selling U: Networking—The Hidden Job Market
  • 3.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 4: Difficult Choices: Doing the Right Thing

  • 4.1 Business Ethics: Guiding Principles In Selling And In Life
  • 4.2 Policies, Practices, And Cultures Of Organizations 
  • 4.3 Selling U: Personal Branding And Ethics
  • 4.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 5: The Ultimate Guide to Communication and Business Etiquette

  • 5.1 Effective Communication Is All About The Receiver
  • 5.2 Business Etiquette: What You Need To Know
  • 5.3 Selling U: The Power Of Informational Interviews
  • 5.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 6: #SocialSelling—Adding Value to Your Network

  • 6.1 The Social Selling Imperative
  • 6.2 Sharing, Prospecting, And Engaging With Social Selling
  • 6.3 Selling U: Social Selling For Your Personal Brand
  • 6.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 7: Why and How Customers Buy

  • 7.1 Buying 101
  • 7.2 How The Buying Process Works
  • 7.3 Selling U: Developing And Communicating Your Personal Fab
  • 7.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 8: The Foundation of the Selling Process: Prospecting and Qualifying

  • 8.1 It’s A Process: Seven Steps To Successful Selling
  • 8.2 Prospecting: The Foundation Of The Selling Process
  • 8.3 Resources To Help You Find Your Prospects
  • 8.4 Selling U: How To Use Prospecting Tools To Identify 25 Target Companies
  • 8.5 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 9: Preparing for Success: The Pre-Approach

  • 9.1 If You Want The Sale, Do The Research
  • 9.2 Solve, Don’t Sell
  • 9.3 Identify Pre Call Objectives: Getting Smart About Your Sales Call
  • 9.4 Selling U: Five Power Packed Tools To Let The Right People Know About Your Brand
  • 9.5 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 10: The Moment of Truth: The Approach

  • 10.1 First Impressions Make All The Difference
  • 10.2 How To Start Off On The Right Foot
  • 10.3 Choosing The Best Approach For The Situation
  • 10.4 Overcoming Rejection
  • 10.5 Selling U: What’s Your Elevator Pitch For Your Brand?
  • 10.6 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 11: Present Like a Pro: The Presentation

  • 11.1 Selling Is Storytelling
  • 11.2 Preparation—The Key To A Successful Presentation
  • 11.3 Dress For Success
  • 11.4 Making Your Presentation Work
  • 11.5 How To Use Spin Selling In Your Sales Call
  • 11.6 Putting It All Together
  • 11.7 Selling U: Selling Yourself On An Interview
  • 11.8 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 12: Anticipating Opportunities: Handling Objections

  • 12.1 Objections Are Opportunities To Build Relationships
  • 12.2 Types Of Objections And How To Handle Them
  • 12.3 Selling U: How To Overcome Objections In A Job Interview
  • 12.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 13: Asking for the Sale: The Close

  • 13.1 Closing Starts At The Beginning
  • 13.2 Collaborate To Negotiate
  • 13.3 Selling U: Negotiating To Win For Your Job Offer
  • 13.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 14: Doing it Right: The Follow-up

  • 14.1 Follow Up: Creating A Customer For Life
  • 14.2 Why Customer Satisfaction Isn’t Enough
  • 14.3 Selling U: Staying Motivated And Enjoying Your Success
  • 14.4 Review And Practice
  • Chapter 15: So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

  • 15.1 What It Means To Be An Entrepreneur
  • 15.2 Selling Yourself And Your Idea
  • 15.3 Selling U: Resources For Your Entrepreneurial Journey
  • 15.4 Review And Practice
  • Resources for Successful Salespeople
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    Kim richmond

    Kimberly Richmond St Josephs University

    Kimberly Richmond is an executive, author, speaker, and professor in the sales and marketing arena. She is a senior marketing executive with over 25 years of sales, marketing, and branding experience. She has held senior marketing positions at several major companies including Executive Vice President of Marketing at FAO Schwarz and other senior marketing roles at Kraft Foods, Sears, Zany Brainy, The Right Start and Charming Shoppes. Her leadership roles have included training and communication to the national consumer selling organization of over 10,000 sales people at Sears in the Home Appliance Group. In addition, she was a member of the senior management team at FAO Schwarz that relaunched the brand and in the process completely transformed the hiring process for store sales associates. Ms. Richmond is currently a principal at Richmond Marketing + Communications, the marketing consultancy firm she founded. Her firm specializes in multi-channel sales, marketing and branding including traditional and online marketing strategies. She also consults with sales organizations to help them realize the true potential of the company’s marketing and selling efforts. She is the author of Brand You, a guide to build and market your personal brand, which was published by Prentice Hall in November 2008. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University (Philadelphia) and Rutgers University in New Jersey. She is a member of the Thought Leaders Panel for the Center for Consumer Research, and the Advisory Board of the Department of Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University. Ms. Richmond frequently speaks at industry and academic events. She also serves on the Board of Governors of the Philly Ad Club.
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