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Cover of Principles of Economics v10.0
Principles of Economics v10.0
John B. Taylor and Akila Weerapana
October 2023
Economics Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Central Idea

Chapter 2: Observing and Explaining the Economy

Chapter 3: The Supply and Demand Model

Chapter 4: Subtleties of the Supply and Demand Model

Chapter 5: The Demand Curve and the Behavior of Consumers

Chapter 6: The Supply Curve and the Behavior of Firms

Chapter 7: The Efficiency of Markets

Chapter 8: Costs and the Changes at Firms Over Time

Chapter 9: The Rise and Fall of Industries

Chapter 10: Monopoly

Chapter 11: Product Differentiation, Monopolistic Competition, and Oligopoly

Chapter 12: Antitrust Policy and Regulation

Chapter 13: Labor Markets

Chapter 14: Taxes, Transfers, and Income Distribution

Chapter 15: Public Goods, Externalities, and Government Behavior

Chapter 16: Capital and Financial Markets

Chapter 17: Macroeconomics: The Big Picture

Chapter 18: Measuring the Production, Income, and Spending of Nations

Chapter 19: The Spending Allocation Model

Chapter 20: Unemployment and Employment

Chapter 21: Productivity and Economic Growth

Chapter 22: Economic Growth around the World

Chapter 23: Money and Inflation

Chapter 24: The Nature and Causes of Economic Fluctuations

Chapter 25: The Economic Fluctuations Model

Chapter 26: Using the Economic Fluctuations Model

Chapter 27: Fiscal Policy

Chapter 28: Monetary Policy

Chapter 29: International Trade

Chapter 30: International Finance

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