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January 2018
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Learn to Program Using Swift for iOS Development

Version 2.0 By: John Gallaugher

Key Features

  • Introduces core programming concepts.
  • Covers core iOS concepts.
  • Encourages self-directed learning for a variety of classroom types.
  • Continuous high-value annual updates, including adding new exercises and additional content to keep this book up-to-date, fresh and exciting.
  • Customizable.


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This textbook is suitable for the following courses: Introduction to Programming, App Development/iOS Development, Entrepreneurship Programs, and Independent Studies.

Gallaugher’s textbook breaks down the learning barriers for app creation with a hands-on, video-centered approach. Learn to Program is intended to excite new-to-programming students in non-technical programs of study and will have them building fully functional apps by mid-semester. Students will gain an introduction to core programming and iOS concepts. Version 2.0 has been updated for Swift 4, Xcode 9, and iPhone X-series form factor.

New in This Version

  • New and improved apps provide learning examples for students with no programming background through Swift fundamentals and core iOS.
  • Updated and extended lecture videos to account for changes in Swift 4, Xcode 9, and iPhone X-series form factor.
  • Additional exercises.
  • Access to “beta” content that includes bringing students through a social app using Google’s Cloud Firestone and Firebase products.
  • Updated and improved set of instructor slides.
  • Expanded and refined student quizzes at the end of each chapter.
  • Mid-term tests and final exams equipped with answer keys and suggested grading rubrics.

Chapter 7: The "WeatherGift" App

Other Supplements

Other Supplements

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John Gallaugher Boston College

John Gallaugher (PhD Syracuse University School of Management) is Associate Professor of Information Systems (IS) at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management where he teaches both managerial and software development courses. As founding faculty for the Boston College TechTrek programs, and the former co-lead of the school’s graduate field studies in Europe and Asia, John has had remarkable access to studying technological growth and impact worldwide. He and his students spend several weeks each year visiting with technology executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, New York, and Ghana. John and his students were present at the launch of the iPhone, were at Sequoia Capital the day LinkedIn went public, and are regularly hosted in master-class sessions at firms from Amazon to Zynga. This unique opportunity helps provide his teaching and writing with a broad, deep, and continually refreshed perspective on key industry trends and developments. John also works closely with collegiate entrepreneurs and is co-advisor to the Boston College Venture Competition, an organization whose affiliated businesses have gone on to gain admittance to elite accelerator programs (Y-Combinator, TechStars, MassChallenge, Summer@Highland), launch multiple products, and raise millions in capital. A dedicated teacher and active researcher, John has been recognized for excellence and innovation in teaching by several organizations, including Boston College, BusinessWeekEntrepreneur Magazine, and the Decision Sciences Institute, and his research has been published in the Harvard Business ReviewMIS Quarterly, and other leading IS journals. John has been a featured speaker at Apple Inc.’s AcademiX educator conference and was the international keynote speaker at AIBUMA (the African International Business and Management Conference) in Nairobi Kenya. He has consulted for and taught executive seminars for several organizations, including Accenture, Alcoa, Duke Corporate Education, ING, Partners Healthcare, Staples, State Street, the University of Ulster, and the U.S. Information Agency. John’s comments on business and technology have appeared in the New York TimesNational Public RadioBusinessWeek, the Boston GlobeWired, the Associated Press, Chronicle (WCVB-TV), The Daily Yomiuri (Japan), and the Nation (Thailand), among others. He publishes additional content related to his teaching and research at and is also active on Twitter at @gallaugher.
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