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Cover of Public Speaking: The Inside Word v1.0
Public Speaking: The Inside Word v1.0
Constance Staley
January 2020
Communication Textbooks
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Public Speaking: The Inside Word covers the fundamentals of public speaking along with the tools and techniques needed to speak successfully in virtual environments. Special sections in each chapter address the unique aspects of giving virtual presentations for class or on the job. This text is appropriate for the Introductory Public Speaking course taught at the undergraduate level at two- and four-year colleges and universities, and it is equally useful in face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online courses.

Brief Table of Contents

Part 1: Owning Your Speech

Chapter 1: Is Public Speaking Relevant?

Chapter 2: How Can I Manage My Anxiety?

Chapter 3: How Important Is Ethics?

Part 2: Planning Your Speech

Chapter 4: How Do I Start?

Chapter 5: How Important Is the Audience?

Part 3: Preparing Your Speech

Chapter 6: How Do I Find and Select Materials to Support My Ideas?

Chapter 7: How Do I Organize and Outline My Speech?

Chapter 8: How Do I Create Introductions and Conclusions?

Part 4: Presenting Your Speech

Chapter 9: How Can I Best Use Language?

Chapter 10: How Do I Best Deliver My Speech?

Chapter 11: How Should I Use Visual Aids?

Part 5: Kinds of Public Speaking

Chapter 12: How Should I Speak to Inform?

Chapter 13: How Should I Speak to Persuade?

Chapter 14: How Should I Speak Differently on Special Occasions?

Chapter 15: How Should I Speak on the Job?

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