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Essentials of Nutrition: A Functional Approach

Maureen Zimmerman and Mary Elizabeth Snow
December 2012
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Essentials of Nutrition: A Functional Approach is a basic overview of nutrition that explores the relationship between nutrition and physiology. Students will receive a “behind the scenes” examination of health and disease in the body, while examining some of the popular myths about nutrition. Zimmerman and Snow discuss how to develop a foundation for making smart dietary choices as they discuss relevant topics such as obesity, vegetarianism, weight loss supplements, and more.

  • “Big Ideas” to introduce each chapter.
  • “You Decide” feature challenges students to apply nutrition practices to their own life.
  • Key Takeaways and Key Terms in each chapter.
  • Videos to accompany and highlight the content.
  • Customizable.

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Maureen zimmerman

Maureen Zimmerman Mesa Community College

Dr. Maureen Zimmerman earned her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Arizona State University, a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of Hawaii, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, with a specialization in educational research, from Northern Arizona University. She is a Registered Dietitian and has been a residential faculty member at Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona since 1991. She served as the Department Chair of Design, Family and Consumer Sciences and of the Applied Science Departments. Passionately and assiduously she assures that students not only learn, but that they enjoy learning and develop intellectual habits that will sustain them throughout life. Semester by semester Dr. Zimmerman applies learning science knowledge to the online and face-to-face classrooms. She works tirelessly to foster active engagement and to nurture the unique skills, experiences, and knowledge each student brings to the learning community. Her food first philosophy is summed up in this statement: “Enjoy real food, enjoy it with others, enjoy it in just the right amounts.”
Mary elizabeth snow

Mary Elizabeth Snow University of British Columbia

Dr. Beth Snow earned a B.Sc.(Hons) in Biochemistry (with a minor in Drama) from McMaster University in 1999, an M.Sc. in Human Biology & Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph in 2000, a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from the University of British Columbia in 2006 and an MBA from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia in 2014. She also holds a Credentialed Evaluator designation from the Canadian Evaluation Society. Her Ph.D.research focused on the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on the developing fetal skeleton and she has published in the journals Bone, Alcohol, Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research and Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching. Following her Ph.D. training, she spent two years working at the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health, where she ran an interdisciplinary research training program. She currently works as an Evaluation Specialist in Public Health in Vancouver, BC, Canada, as an instructor at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and as an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. Her teaching philosophy involves empowering students to take ownership of their own learning; she uses active learning techniques and encourages students to apply what they learn to real life. In addition to her busy career, Beth is a true foodie who always makes time to cook and share good food.
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