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FlatWorld publishes high quality textbooks at prices students can actually afford.

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We don’t overcharge or overcomplicate. Educators shouldn’t have to choose between high quality and fair pricing.

Our Mission

We are rewriting the rules of textbook economics to make textbooks affordable again.

FlatWorld believes that the instructor is the key to a quality student education. It is our mission to empower you – and your students. We are working to put high-quality, affordable textbooks back within the reach of every student. Textbooks didn’t used to be this expensive and they don’t need to be this expensive.

We know that at dramatically lower prices, more students can afford a new book: trading price for volume keeps our accountants happy and it makes our instructors and students happy too. We have worked hard to streamline our processes, starting with our digital-first publishing platform. We pass on the savings from driving out inefficiency, waste and overhead by lowering prices even further. Lastly, we’re publishing textbooks, not conducting brain surgery. So we’re just fine with our combination of fair margins and high growth.

Our modern publishing platform allows our professors to get up-to-date content into the market rapidly. Each textbook is then easily customizable and comes equipped with a full-range of instructor supplements and a homework system at no additional charge. We’ve designed our website, books and interfaces to be easy-to-use — no training or tutorials needed. We focus on the additions that drive value, because we believe that efficient and affordable makes your life easier and your students more successful.

Education is expensive. Textbooks don’t have to be.
  • 2016

    Acquired by Alastair Adam and John Eielson. FlatWorld moved its headquarters to Boston, MA.

  • 2012

    Evolved from Open Education Resources to Fair Pricing.

  • 2007

    Founded by former Pearson employees, Eric Frank and Jeff Shelstad.

Evolved Model

We cut the clutter and focused on what matters: high-quality textbooks, flexible formats, affordable pricing, and ease of use.

We keep costs to a minimum by printing on demand with our digital-first model. So here’s to one less concession you (and your students) have to make.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Alastair Adam

Alastair Adam

John Eielson

John Eielson

Sherri Floros

Sherri Floros

Sean Wakely

Sean Wakely
Vice President,
Product & Editorial


“We see the educator continuing to be the catalyst or accelerant at the heart of that process. So, technology should focus on helping the instructor, leveraging their knowledge, skill, and dedication, rather than simply seeking to automate them away.” Alastair Adam

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