BOSTON, February 25, 2022 — FlatWorld, a publisher of college learning materials that are both affordable and high quality, today announced that three of the publisher’s textbooks have been honored with awards from the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA). The 2022 Most Promising New Textbook Award (College) is awarded to the publisher’s first-edition book Mastering Human Resource Management by Derek Crews. Two titles are awarded the 2022 Textbook Excellence Award, Data Analytics Using Excel® Microsoft® 365: With Accounting and Finance Datasets by Joseph M. Manzo and Principles of Economics by Libby Rittenberg, Alan Grant, and Timothy Tregarthen.

“Winning these prestigious awards, alongside our year-over-year growth, reaffirms the market’s demand for high-quality college textbooks at reasonable prices,” said Alastair Adam, Co-CEO of FlatWorld. “As colleges and universities continue to adapt to ever-changing learning environments, faculty are looking for dynamic textbooks that meet their students’ needs for affordability without sacrificing quality. We are proud of our authors and our publishing team for their commitment to crafting content at such high standards.”  

TAA will recognize these textbooks during an awards ceremony on Friday, June 17, 2022.

2022 Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) Most Promising New Textbook Award winner:

  • Mastering Human Resource Management, Version 1.0 by Derek Crews
    Written to prepare students with the state-of-the-art knowledge and skills needed to enhance recruitment, retention, and performance of top talent, even in the face of skilled labor shortages. This distinctive blend of research and practice ensures students understand how to stimulate employee engagement that drives successful company performance and profitability.

    Judges for the TAA Most Promising New Textbook Award commented, “Mastering Human Resource Management is a wonderful entry-level text that provides students with the knowledge needed to know about the HR profession. The book bravely discusses many current HR quandaries, requiring that the students connect the theories and informational content to the real world work environment. It provides an engaging structure within which key ideas relating to the execution of HR were embedded."

2022 Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) Excellence Award winners:

  • Data Analytics Using Excel® Microsoft® 365: With Accounting and Finance Datasets, Version 3.0 by Joseph M. Manzo
    This clear, easy-to-follow text treats data visualization skills as vital components of the analytics process. Featuring 85 embedded author-narrated videos, the author provides students with the opportunity to learn basic skills needed to execute many personal and professional activities using Excel Microsoft 365. Its structure prepares learners to master more advanced skills using Excel and engaging real-world examples. 

    Judges for the TAA Excellence Award commented, "Data Analytics Using Excel® Microsoft® 365: With Accounting and Finance Datasets is the example for how a data analysis textbook should be written and presented. It successfully takes on the challenging task of introducing students to Excel and motivates them to continue learning more complex financial analytics. This book deserves to win the Textbook Excellence Award because of the easy to follow examples that engage students and build on one another resulting in the student effortlessly developing skills crucial in the business world."
  • Principles of Economics, Version 4.0 by Libby Rittenberg, Alan Grant, and Timothy Tregarthen
    This textbook presents economics as a unified discipline, rather than a bewildering array of seemingly unrelated topics. It employs key integrating themes, such as the marginal decision rule and the model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Applications from sports, politics, campus life, current events, pop culture, and other familiar contexts connect theoretical principles with common experiences. 

    Judges for the TAA Excellence Award commented, "Principles of Economics deserves hands-down to win the Textbook Excellence Award. This textbook attempts to provide an integrated and coherent view of the totality of micro and macroeconomics for undergraduates and succeeds more completely than any text I have seen. Staying current, this learner engaging textbook makes the important and fun subject a truly joyful learning experience."


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