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FlatWorld will be closed on July 3rd, 2020. Customer Service will resume normal support hours on July 5th at 6 PM EST. Have a great 4th of July!
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May 15, 2020

FlatWorld Announces Textbooks will Include COVID-19 Updates for Fall Semester

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February 27, 2020

FlatWorld Textbook Receives 2020 Most Promising New Textbook Award from Textbook & Academic Authors Association

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December 18, 2019

FlatWorld Recognizes Its Authors’ 2019 Accomplishments

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December 2, 2019

FlatWorld Announces Upcoming College Textbook Titles

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November 18, 2019

FlatWorld Announces New Capabilities for Digital Platform 

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November 8, 2019

Editing a Student Grade - FlatWorld Homework

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November 8, 2019

Quick create assignments - FlatWorld Homework

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November 8, 2019

What’s New at FlatWorld

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November 7, 2019

FlatWorld Author Wins National Communication Association’s Textbook of Distinction Award

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October 15, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Announces “Most Expensive Textbook Sweepstakes” for College Students

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October 3, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Announces Significant Growth in Textbook Adoptions for 2019–2020 Academic Year

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September 12, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Announces Inaugural Recipient of Annual Textbook Scholarship

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July 30, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Hires Vice President of Product & Engineering

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July 23, 2019 FlatWorld

5 Ways Students Actually Save Money On Textbooks

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June 17, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Publishes Study of Faculty Attitudes Towards Textbook Affordability

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May 14, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Surpasses One Million Registered Accounts on its College Textbook Platform

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April 30, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Announces College Algebra Corequisite Textbook

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March 27, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Publishes Study on College Textbook Costs and Purchasing Habits for Spring 2019 Semester

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March 12, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Launches the FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship Program

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February 28, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Textbooks Receive 2019 Excellence Awards from Textbook & Academic Authors Association

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February 5, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Introduces New Capabilities and Expanded Course Selection for FlatWorld Homework

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January 10, 2019 Information Today, Inc.

Information Today, Inc. - FlatWorld Institutional Makes College Textbooks More Affordable

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January 7, 2019 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Launches Fully Customizable Textbook Subscription Solution for Universities

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December 10, 2018 FlatWorld

FlatWorld to Expand Affordable, High-Quality College Textbook Offerings in 2019

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November 5, 2018 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Announces Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Thinkwell for Mathematics Textbooks

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October 30, 2018 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Announces Surge in Textbook Adoption and Most Popular Titles for the Fall 2018 Semester

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October 24, 2018 FlatWorld

Study: College Textbook Costs Impact Professor Ratings, Course Selection, and Loan Debt

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September 5, 2018 FlatWorld

The American Women’s College at Bay Path University Announces Partnership with FlatWorld

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July 31, 2018

FlatWorld Announces Enhanced Textbook Selection for 2018 – 2019 Academic Year

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June 25, 2018 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Survey Highlights Professors’ Price Sensitivity When Evaluating College Textbooks

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April 18, 2018 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Announces FlatWorld Homework

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March 28, 2018 FlatWorld

FlatWorld Unveils 11 New Textbook Version Amidst Growing Demand for Its College Learning Materials

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March 20, 2018 Bostinno

Breaking Rules of Pricey Textbook Market Pays Off for FlatWorld

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January 23, 2018 Entrepreneur

This 1 Particular Area of EdTech Is Ripe for Disruption. 3 Things You Need to Know.

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October 4, 2017 Forbes

FlatWorld: The Publishing Platform Rewriting The Rules Of Textbook Economics

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August 14, 2017 Inc.

How Technology is Now Empowering Educators

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August 12, 2017 Huffington Post

The Future of Education: 3 Ways Educators Are Innovating for Students

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