You requested some great new features, and our engineers built them! From making the platform faster to adding Homework features, read more below to see what’s new.

FlatWorld Homework:

Author-written Homework content is now available on 50+ titles and counting! We’ve added your most requested features throughout the system to make teaching your course easier and to save you time.

Quick Create Assignments

Getting started is faster and easier than ever. Introducing, quick create. This is the powerful new assignment creation tool you’ve been waiting for. Click here to learn more.

Edit Grades

This new feature gives you total control. Learn how you can edit a student’s grade after submission. Click here to learn more.

Other selected Homework features include:

  • Auto-graded exams
  • Increased student support via text and video for more complex problems
  • Smart submission windows and late penalty application
  • More control over how and when students can access post-submission answer and solution info (to prevent sharing of answers between students before submissions are closed)
  • Release of FlatWorld Homework on the EDU App Center, available in all major LMS systems
  • Usability improvements based on feedback from students and educators


FlatWorld System Updates:

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Throughout the year, we invested in our platform’s cloud infrastructure and architecture to make our systems faster and more reliable for everyone that uses it. We made stability, performance, and security improvements throughout the platform. Updates to our textbook editor platform will assist our authors as they continue to strive to provide you with new and better content. These platform updates will also make it easier than ever for you to customize your copy.

More Supportive Than Ever.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and when that happens it’s all about how you learn and grow. This year, we increased the size of our customer service team and increased their support capability to better assist you and your students. We believe that support is an integral part of our system—that’s why we made updates to our search functionality and platform organization to make it easier than ever to find what you need. 

Increased Access For All.

Our team is working hard to increase accessibility in our newer and legacy titles—97% of our titles are fully accessible with 100% in the near future. We now support complex data and table layouts for improved pedagogy for subjects like accounting and statistics. We also made improvements to the performance and usability of student and instructor dashboards.