Boston, April 30, 2019 — FlatWorld, a publisher of award-winning college learning materials that are both affordable and high quality, today announced that it has published Corequisite Resources for Edward Burger's College Algebra, Version 1.0, by John Redden The textbook is tailored for corequisite models of studying algebra that are offered in universities across the U.S., and was designed to help professors meet the standards of California’s AB 705 legislation.

“For students who need additional help to succeed in college-level courses there are ongoing efforts in a number of states to prevent colleges from offering remedial courses that add time to diploma programs and cost extra in tuition fees,” said Alastair Adam, Co-CEO of FlatWorld. “Corequisite models enroll students directly in college-level courses, and provide them with the extra support they need to succeed in their studies. We’re confident that FlatWorld’s high-quality and affordable corequisite book for college algebra will be well-received amongst students and faculty.”

Corequisite Resources for Edward Burger's College Algebra will provide instructors with expanded explanations for algebra topics, and offer students more elementary problems to help build their understanding and gain confidence before completing assignments in the core College Algebra textbook. This corequisite textbook is based on Intermediate Algebra, Version 1.0, by John Redden. It has been realigned to match the topic order in Edward Burger’s College Algebra, Version 3.0.

FlatWorld’s corequisite textbook for college algebra costs $9.95 for a digital edition, and includes a robust homework platform and instructor supplements at no additional cost. FlatWorld’s flexible digital platform will allow the publisher to make regular updates to the textbook.

To learn more about FlatWorld’s corequisite textbook, and read the first chapter for free, visit

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