240 students from George Mason University, Old Dominion University, and Baker College will receive complimentary textbooks

BOSTON, May 30, 2023 – FlatWorld, a digital-first award-winning textbook publisher, today announced the three recipients of the FlatWorld Scholarship Program. George Mason University, Old Dominion University, and Baker College will all receive free textbooks for selected courses during the fall 2023 and spring 2024 semesters. The annual textbook scholarship is now in its fifth year, and having seen the positive difference the program has on its awardees, this is the first year FlatWorld has extended to include three worthy institutions.

Catherine Wright’s course at George Mason University will receive FlatWorld’s Understanding Media and Culture in the 2020s: An Introduction to Mass Communication v3.0 textbook by Jack Lule. 

“Some of our students struggle with homelessness, food insecurity, joblessness, or familial responsibilities that prevent them from working as much as they want to.The FlatWorld Scholarship Program allows students who are struggling to meet their financial obligations to experience some relief during a stressful time where they are asked to choose between themselves and others.” - Catherine Wright

Gregory Stone’s course at Old Dominion University will benefit from Accounting Information Systems: Thinking, Development, and Evaluation v1.0 by Robyn L. Raschke and John A. Schatzel.

“Our university provides social mobility to under-served and first-generation college students. Textbooks are a major expense, so any relief is extraordinarily helpful to their academic success.” - Gregory Stone

At Baker College, Tamara Matthews’ students will receive Exploring Business v4.0 by Karen Collins.

“Students benefit from receiving complimentary textbooks since the funds can be used to support other educational endeavors. This FlatWorld textbook offers a wealth of knowledge and resources which allows the students to obtain a deeper understanding of the global dynamics of the business world.” - Tamara Matthews.

All three award recipients will also benefit from a range of supplemental material provided for each title at no additional cost, including FlatWorld Homework, an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint lecture notes, test banks, a sample syllabus, and a test generator.

“Congratulations to all of our recipients. Having received such positive feedback from the program from past awardees, we’re delighted to extend the Scholarship to three courses this year.” says Alastair Adam, co-CEO of FlatWorld. “We’re proud to have been able to donate textbooks to over 1,500 students to date over the five years it’s been running. We’re committed to finding ways to remove barriers to education for those in need, and the FlatWorld Annual Textbook Scholarship is one of the ways we’re able to achieve that. We continue to offer high-quality learning materials at affordable prices, supporting educators by providing supplementary materials, and FlatWorld Homework. And as soon as our new Engagement Manager tool launches, we'll be including that too, to help faculty work with any students at risk of falling behind.”

Any faculty member teaching at a U.S. institution is eligible to apply for the FlatWorld Scholarship Program, whether the professor is currently using a FlatWorld textbook or considering adopting a FlatWorld textbook for the first time. Consistent with our goal to keep things simple for faculty, the application is short, straightforward, and easy to complete. Applications for the FlatWorld 2024 Textbook Scholarship will launch in October 2023. 

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