You asked, we answered. FlatWorld is proud to announce a new line of product updates that have been directly influenced by feedback from professors and students alike. Featuring new functionality in digital solutions for our online textbook reader and Homework platform as well as our expanded catalog. 


Digital Platform Updates

Redesigned online reader—This spring, we released an entirely redesigned online textbook reading experience based on your feedback and with ease-of-use in mind. 

Enhanced search functionality—Our updated search ability allows even more accurate navigation to key terms within our titles. With the stronger search engine updates behind-the-scenes, you and your students can find what you are looking for faster than ever.

Page number navigation—Select titles now include page numbers across print and digital formats to ensure that you and your students are always on the same page. The addition of page number navigation within our online reader platform makes switching between print and online copies a breeze. Online page number navigation streamlines assigned reading and class discussion references, allowing page numbers to be used by all students regardless of their preferred textbook format.

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New Question Type in the Homework Platform

Video uploader—Taking advantage of the tremendous growth of mobile devices and webcams, our video uploader tool allows students to securely record high-quality videos in their own environment and submit them to their instructor for review and grading. Our Homework platform helps both students and educators record videos and, more importantly, share videos without the hassle and privacy concerns of uploading to a platform like YouTube. Videos can be up to ten minutes in length. 

Expanded grading capabilities—Alongside the new video recorder questions, is the ability to create your own grading rubric or customize our default expert-created structured rubrics for communicating expectations to students. This streamlines the feedback loop for sharing details on why students received their final score. 

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FlatWorld Scholarship

Back for its third year, the FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship aims to support professors and their students. In fall 2021, we will award textbooks, including access to FlatWorld Homework, to one professor’s class for an entire academic year.

"At FlatWorld, we’re committed to bringing the price of high-quality textbooks back down to earth. In an effort to further our mission of making learning materials affordable for all students, we offer an annual textbook scholarship program that provides textbooks to one professor’s class free of charge."

— Alastair Adam, Co-CEO of FlatWorld

Apply now—2021 FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship applications are closing soon >> 


Award-Winning Textbook

This February, the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) honored one of our first-edition books, Biopsychology: Fundamentals and Contemporary Issues, with the Most Promising New Textbook Award. 

“To have Biopsychology: Fundamentals and Contemporary Issues recognized for its quality content by a panel of authors and subject matter experts is a true honor. It has been a great pleasure to partner with the supportive people at FlatWorld. Their unique approach to digital-first publishing allows the field of biopsychology to come alive with streaming embedded videos and other interactive features in my textbook. Hopefully, this textbook will introduce the field of biopsychology to thousands of students across the U.S."

— Martin Shapiro, FlatWorld author

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New and updated titles in our catalog

Corporate Finance v2.1 by Stan Eakins and William McNally

American Government and Politics in the Information Age v4.2 by David Paletz, Diana Owen, and Timothy E. Cook (with 2020 Election updates) 

This Land Is Your Land: Introduction to American Government and Politics v1.1 by Martin Saiz and Jennifer L. De Maio (with 2020 Election updates)

Mastering Human Resource Management v1.0 by Derek Crews 

Organizational Behavior: Bridging Science and Practice v4.0 by Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan

Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World, Comprehensive Edition v3.0 by Steven E. Barkan

Global Business Management v1.1 by Sanjyot P. Dunung

Principles of Economics v9.0, Principles of Macroeconomics v9.0, and Principles of Microeconomics v9.0 by John Taylor and Akila Weerapana

Exploring Business v4.0 by Karen Collins

Economic Analysis of Social Issues v2.0 by Alan Grant

College Success v3.0 by Bruce Beiderwell and Tom Lochhaas


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