Join us in celebrating our 1,500th textbook provided through the FlatWorld Scholarship Program.

BOSTON, February 9, 2023 — FlatWorld is committed to our mission of making high-quality learning materials affordable for all students. Five years ago, we created the FlatWorld Scholarship Program to increase our impact. Through this program, instructors can save each student hundreds of dollars over the cost of traditional textbooks—which can then be applied to more pressing expenses like rent, groceries, and transportation.

Since that first year, we have provided more than 1,500 free textbooks to students at institutions across the country. We’re proud to host a program that gives instructors an opportunity to take immediate action against the rising cost of textbooks. Keep reading to the bottom of the article to learn how to nominate your course.

What Is the FlatWorld Scholarship Program?

The FlatWorld Scholarship Program is a chance to provide high-quality learning materials to your students, free of charge. Recipients of the FlatWorld Scholarship receive textbooks for every student in their course. This program also provides a full range of instructor supplements, including FlatWorld Homework, an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint lecture notes, test banks, a sample syllabus, and a test generator.

Recipients are selected shortly after the application deadline of March 31, 2023. Our team then works with these instructors to ensure their course is first-day ready for the 2023–2024 school year. We connect the instructor with any instructional materials, work with their institution, and complete any integrations needed within their Learning Management System.

Past Recipients of the FlatWorld Scholarship

The FlatWorld Scholarship Program would not have any impact without the dedicated and empathetic instructors who nominate their courses. Our thanks go out to the past recipients of the FlatWorld Scholarship, as well as the hundreds of professors who have completed the nomination process.

Prasad Bidarkota
Professor of Economics at Florida International University

“FlatWorld’s mission is laudable. Adopting affordable textbooks at a fraction of the cost of market leaders, written by world-renowned scholars, seems like a no-brainer. Additionally, winning the FlatWorld scholarship that provides free textbooks to students, especially those attending my institution, makes the transition to a new textbook so much more worthwhile. The simplicity and design of the FlatWorld website and FlatWorld Homework interface evokes enthusiasm to be so much more engaged with the course.”


Robert Robinson
Professor of Chemistry at Collin College

“As a community college, many of our students come from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds with the desire to improve themselves through higher-level education as well as improving the environmental situations around them. Offering these college students any kind of relief from their financial obligations associated with the high cost of modern education is greatly appreciated not only by the students, but also I believe from this academic institution.”


Sarah Lazzari
Assistant Professor of Criminology and Sociology at Heidelberg University

“I am so grateful for the support Flatworld is providing my Heidelberg University students. There are so many barriers in successfully navigating college. Textbooks shouldn’t be one of those barriers. Thank you for supporting the student prices and for providing accessible educational resources.”

John Pellitteri
Professor of Psychology at Mt. San Antonio College

“Students at Mt. San Antonio College typically work, raise families, and continue their studies at the same time. Many of them are in the position where they need to choose between gasoline for the car or textbooks for their classes; this scholarship will ease the burden on over 100 advanced, transferring students. Biopsychology books in particular are some of the most expensive books on campus—this scholarship will be extremely welcome and appreciated. Thank you so much.”


Suzanne Stambaugh
Professor of Psychology at Austin Community College District

“As a community college, we often serve students who struggle with housing and food insecurity, and the cost of textbooks is a huge barrier to these students being able to get an education which will improve their lives, and the lives of their families. While a free textbook may not solve the systemic problems which we face, every small gesture helps, and sometimes a little respite can go a long way. I know many students around the country face similar issues, and I hope all who benefit from this generous offer go on to pay it forward in their lives by doing some small good for others wherever and whenever the opportunity arises.”

How to Nominate Your Course for 2023–2024

Any faculty member teaching at a U.S. institution is eligible to apply for the FlatWorld Scholarship Program, whether the professor is currently using a FlatWorld textbook or simply considering adopting a FlatWorld textbook for the first time. Consistent with our goal to keep things simple for faculty, the application is short, straightforward, and easy to complete.

You can nominate your course at for consideration in the 2023–2024 school year. A two-minute application could make all the difference for your students.