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Cover of Organizational Behavior: Bridging Science and Practice v3.0
Organizational Behavior: Bridging Science and Practice v3.0
Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan
August 2018
Management & Organization Textbooks
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By expertly weaving together the equally important strands of management theory and practice, Organizational Behavior: Bridging Science and Practice provides students with the key vocabulary, conceptual frameworks, and critical thinking skills necessary to diagnose work-based interactions, ask pertinent questions, evaluate gathered data, and act in an effective and ethical manner regardless of situational characteristics.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Organizational Behavior

Chapter 2: Diversity in the Workplace

Chapter 3: Understanding People at Work: Individual Differences and Perception

Chapter 4: Individual Attitudes and Behaviors

Chapter 5: Theories of Motivation

Chapter 6: Designing a Motivating Work Environment

Chapter 7: Managing Stress and Emotions

Chapter 8: Communication

Chapter 9: Managing Groups and Teams

Chapter 10: Conflict and Negotiations

Chapter 11: Making Decisions

Chapter 12: Leading People Within Organizations

Chapter 13: Power and Politics

Chapter 14: Organizational Structure and Change

Chapter 15: Organizational Culture

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