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An Introduction to Politics

T.M. Sell
October 2013
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An Introduction to Politics, vol. 1.0


T.M. Sell

T.M. Sell's goals in writing An Introduction to Politics were simple:

    • Provide students with a basic outline of politics, what it means and how it works
    • Demonstrate to students how politics matters in their lives
    • Provide faculty with a fully developed teaching package to enable that goal.

    This textbook is suitable for these courses: Political Science, U.S. Government

    This textbook is suitable for 2 and 4 year institutions.


      • An Introduction to Politics is a little more brief and concise than similar textbooks currently on the market, yet it is just as thorough. Because this is usually a first-year course, overloading a textbook can lead to students giving up on the book.

      • RELEVANCY:
      • Some students need to be convinced that politics matters in their lives. This book presents the material in a way that shows how this is relevant to them and why politics matters. to each concept and idea.

T.m. sell

T.M. Sell Highline College

T.M. Sell spent twenty years as a working journalist covering business, the economy, and politics, before finishing his Ph.D. and taking up teaching. He also worked for several years as a staff member in the Washington state legislature. He is a past president of the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association, the Western Washington chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, a former Washington Civic Educator of the Year, and a successful playwright. He currently teaches political science, economics, and journalism at Highline College near Seattle.
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