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Managerial Finance

Amy K. S. Scott, Bradley C. Barnhorst ISBN: 9781453392218 $34.95
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Modern Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, Version 8.0

Donald R. Chambers, Nelson J. Lacey ISBN: 9781453385319 $34.95
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Entrepreneurial Finance

William S. Hettinger, John Dolan-Heitlinger ISBN: 9781453392874 $29.95
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Money and Banking

Robert E. Wright ISBN: 9781453387085 $29.95
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Personal Finance

Rachel S. Siegel ISBN: 9781453392003 $29.95
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Risk Management

Etti Baranoff, Patrick Lee Brockett, Yehuda Kahane, Dalit Baranoff ISBN: 9781453392065 $29.95
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International Finance: Theory and Policy

Steve Suranovic ISBN: 9781453372326 $29.95
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