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Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology

John Gallaugher ISBN: 978-1-4533-9788-6 $39.95
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Learn to Program Using Swift for iOS Development

John Gallaugher ISBN: 978-1-4533-9590-5 $24.95
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Business Information Systems: Design an App for That

Raymond Frost, Jacqueline Pike, Lauren Kenyo, Sarah Lebovitz ISBN: 978-1-4533-8361-2 $29.95
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Project Management from Simple to Complex

Russell Darnall, John M. Preston ISBN: 978-1-4533-8676-7 $29.95
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How to Use Microsoft® Excel® The Careers in Practice Series

Joseph M. Manzo ISBN: 978-1-4533-9522-6 $29.95
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