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Corequisite Resources for Edward Burger's College Algebra

John Redden ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-9846-3 $9.95


Edward B. Burger ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-9640-7 $39.95

College Algebra

Edward B. Burger ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-9872-2 $39.95

College Algebra with Trigonometry

Edward B. Burger ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-9892-0 $39.95


Edward B. Burger ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-9638-4 $39.95

Introductory Statistics

Douglas S. Shafer, Zhiyi Zhang ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-8895-2 $34.95

Intermediate Algebra

John Redden ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-9954-5 $34.95

Elementary Algebra

John Redden ISBN (Digital): 978-1-4533-2737-1 $34.95
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